The thruth about AIDS N°2

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The origin of AIDS is also the origin of nearly every cancer-virus that exists. Lymhona and leukemia and Aids are a small part of a long list of man made diseases. These cancers were developed at a place called Fort Dietrich, Maryland, a U.S Army installation. In 1971 Fort Detrich changed hands, and under the guise of the National Institute of Health (NIH) biological ‘research’ continued, after president Nixon said the U.S would Reduce funding and stop biological ‘research’, in fact funding for U.S biological ‘research’ increased in 1970 with the appropriation of 10 million dollars to create an immune suppressing virus “for which no natural immunity could be acquired”.

The WHO are run by the UN and in turn, the WHO hands down the commandments of the N.W.O to the people: Mass vaccinations, food shortages, pandemic predictions.

If you are not already aware of the purpose of the U.N, N.A.T.O, W.H.O, A.M.A (American Medical Association), do a little research, the information is not that hard to find, you just have to look in the correct direction.

The AMA was created to shut down the alternative health education schools in the U.S to allow for a government regulated curriculum to be taught at universities only. This is why most doctors have no idea about oxygen and health and have little idea about basic remedies. As Hippocrates said, "every person should be their own physician".

We have been so brainwashed into thinking about our health in the most complicated ways, and have been taught that there is no cure for disease basically, but the truth is that human disease is easily fixed. External toxicity and man made cancer is another thing, although still remedied with a variety of options, all of which are being held from people at the command of the medical mafia because “a patient cured is a customer lost”.


What to say except that this doctor understood everything. We thank him for his research showing that the genocidal plans of the satanic elite who govern us are not new. Let us beware of their shenanigans. No, the governments do not want our well-being (the article shows that agreements have been signed with various countries, including France). No the WHO does not care about our health (on the contrary, they are there to reduce the world's population, typically through such programs). If by chance this winter we see a mutant virus of bird flu coming up, you'll know why.


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Now that you have finished reading this revelation on the true origin of the AIDS virus, now that the project of the genocide of the Blacks by the luciferians of this world has been set out before you, let us reason together. Help us find some answers to these pressing questions that gnaws at us.
What is wrong with the Black man? Is his submission congenital? What is really the problem of the Black? You will certainly tell me that he is cursed. I readily concede. But is there no remedy for this? How is it that it is in the richest continent on the planet that are packed all the most wretched and the most destitute of the same planet? How is this possible? Finally, I would ask myself this other question:


Let us forget the emotion that one asserted being peremptorily Negro. Let us speak a bit about naivety. Is it negro? To try to answer this question, we will examine some selected cases. We will refresh your memory with some present and recent events.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Here is a country that has been at war for years, resulting in millions of deaths, millions of women raped, millions of displaced people. And this country will remain at war as long as westerners who have planned and continue to fund this war still have resources to plunder. Millions of dead and raped women we have just mentioned do not matter. These are just niggers after all, "temporary individuals" as the clique of the gods of the world considers them.

The Central African Republic

To better prepare the destabilization of Cameroon, it was first necessary to sacrifice the Central African Republic. You all know what happened, and what this country has become. No need to worry about the number of deaths. Those dying are negroes. It is not that serious. As long as the country is re-colonized and their wealth confiscated by france, the rest does not matter. While waiting to destroy Cameroon as she destroyed Ivory Coast, france took advantage of the destabilization of CAR to recover CAR's wealth that she nearly lost.

Cameroonians must especially understand that the looting of CAR by france is not the main objective of this war that france has organized in CAR. The real target is Cameroon, and the project of his destruction is ready. France has recently managed to truly explore Cameroon, and is currently polishing up her strategy before launching an attack. So, Cameroonians, you are warned! Should you then panic? Absolutely not! You should rather unite, and avoid falling into the trap set before you by france, that is, the trap of division.

Know that in order to succeed in any war in Africa, france has only one real weapon: the DIVISION that she always succeeds in creating in the midst of Africans. Bear in mind before france attacks your country that, there is no problem between Northerners and Southerners; there is no problem between Anglophones and Francophones; there is no problem between the different ethnic groups; and that there is none between Muslims and Christians. If you fall into the trap of disunity, you will be destroyed. So, leave aside all your frustrations, whether past or present, and work hard to protect your dearest and beautiful country. Your only weapon against the imperialist war being prepared against you is UNITY. It is therefore in your interest to unite, or else perish.


A small french expedition to Mali was enough to re-colonize the country and confiscate all his wealth. Mission accomplished! A sham election, with the north of the country still not freed, but it does not matter. Wealth is confiscated and the colonizers rub their hands in glee. Africans in their naivety, mostly greeted the "courageous action" of france in Mali, as if they were unaware that this is the same france who planned and organized the rebellion in northern Mali. Slaves yesterday, slaves today, slaves forever! This seems to be the motto of Africans.


Libya, the only stable and prosperous country in Africa, not to say in the world, was completely destroyed before your eyes by these agents of lucifer, on the basis of such a blatant lie that only the most stupid could believe it. Tens of thousands of people were killed, the Libyan leader Gaddafi was assassinated with almost all his family. Meanwhile, African leaders, as vulgar coward, remained quiet. When these criminals finished their massacres, they got together to share the wealth of Libya while African leaders passively looked on, and while some naive African intellectuals for whom Gaddafi was a "dictator" applauded. This is pathetic! Libya that these idiots claimed they were going to free, has become hell. Meanwhile, they took steps to secure the resources they will plunder.

Ivory Coast

Everything has already been said concerning this country. At the moment, the proofs are so numerous that nobody can deny the coup d'état of france in Ivory Coast anymore. Yet, African leaders are stuck in a stunning silence. The democratically elected President, Laurent Gbagbo, is still in prison. The idiots who said they had a plethora of evidence against him, have not yet succeeded, more than three years after his failed assassination, to produce a single proof of his guilt. Even the corrupt judges of the Indigenous Criminal Court (ICC) do not know by which alchemy to condemn him. But since they are paid to keep President Gbagbo in jail and let the vile bloodthirsty ouattara destroy the country freely, these pathetic judges who chose to betray their oath and insult the justice, let the prostitute bensouda continue to strut about everywhere in search of evidence that she is certain never to find. But since she must prove to her bosses that she has not received $2 million for nothing, she does not give up.

We followed with enough fun African leaders at the last summit of the African Union. They gave us the impression that they could wake up and get out of the fear in which they are confined for ages. One has even thought at some point that they would leave this court of shame and humiliation of "insubordinate" African leaders, unfortunately it was not the case. They have in a semblance of courage, mentioned the case of Kenya, but none of them, none, mentioned the case of President Gbagbo. We lose nothing by continuing to dream of a deliverance of Africa, especially because dreaming is not a sin.

These few examples we mentioned above, show you that these luciferians have only one objective in Africa: kill, plunder, ruin and destroy. History confirms it. From the period of slavery until now, they did only that. Destroying African economies, plunder resources, organize coups d'état, murder all the Heads of State who intend to develop their country, etc. On what basis do you think that these demons have suddenly become angels?

Since this first project of Black genocide, although having slaughtered millions of Africans misses its main target which was the total extermination of Blacks, these gods of the world who think they alone have the exclusive right to live on this earth, made other plans to complete the dirty work they had started. And this project is accomplished through other compulsory vaccinations. They have revised their strategies. Not only will the new poisons they put into these vaccines continue to kill Africans, but these poisons will also make new generations of Africans infertile. And since African leaders refuse to learn from previous examples, this satanic plan will succeed.

You should know that this new campaign of compulsory vaccination which is in progress in some African countries, is the beginning of another phase of the project of Black extermination. Therefore do not accept it. If you value the health of your children, if you care about the future of your continent, do not contaminate children with this incurable poison. If you do not say no to this genocide, it is the entire black race which will disappear in the coming years. While these wicked destroy Haiti with artificial earthquakes, they decimate Africa with viruses manufactured in laboratories. All those who have already had the misfortune of having their children vaccinated must understand that this poison will be incurable, and its consequences will be worse than those of AIDS. All that remains is for them to turn to God through prayer. And for those who persist in believing that God does not exist, it is all over.

It is unfortunate that the rulers, most of whom are yet very intelligent, and who have well educated advisers and whose countries are full of scientists much more intelligent than we think, still fall into this kind of trap, and accept to join in the extermination of their own people, on the basis of lies that only meaningless people can believe. You really do not need to be very intelligent to understand that one does not impose a true benefaction on people who can already think.

Dear Africans, you should know that you do not need to be very intelligent to understand basic things. Simple common sense is enough. Ask yourself these simple questions: What is this benefaction that must be imposed on people? Who is that benefactor who obliges you by force and violence to accept a good that he does to you? God Himself, who created us, and who has the power to impose anything on us without having to give any account to anyone, does not impose His salvation on us, though He knows that that is for our ultimate good . He rather presents this Salvation, and leaves it to everyone to choose. What is this benefaction that one forces you to accept? What is this benefaction that one imposes on you without your consent? What then is this benefaction that you do not have the right to refuse?

A benefaction with such activism, accompanied by a ridiculous overzealousness should draw your attention. Seeing sub-prefects travel personally, accompanied by their bodyguards, to the small villagers who refuse this other genocide and put pressure on them, is sufficient for you to understand that this is not for your good that this so-called vaccine is administered to your children. Why do you take your naivety that far? Generally when a villager managed to snatch an appointment to meet a sub-prefect, he celebrates the occasion, since getting such an appointment is not given. But witnessing that high personality change all their supposed busy schedule just to go to the home of some small "recalcitrant" villagers to force them to allow their children to be vaccinated, that says it all.

After they have destroyed the continent with AIDS, here they are again with other so-called vaccines for your good. Do you think for a moment that these nasty people who only survive by plundering your resources may suddenly love you to the point of wanting to save you by force? Stop being so naive! These westerners are themselves surprised by the degree of naivety of Africans. They do marvel at the ease with which they carry off their satanic plans in Africa. Africans, Africans, do no longer give the impression of being so stupid. God has given each person a minimum of wisdom and intelligence. Stop giving us the impression that the Black man is born idiot and will die idiot.

There is sufficient evidence to open your eyes. Let us consider some concrete examples of what you live on a daily basis. Whenever you go to the hospital for a simple fever or malaria, whether for yourselves or for your children, no one gives you a single free tablet. You must buy everything. And too bad for you if you have no money. You have cases of women who give birth and who are stuck in hospital because they do not have money for exorbitant and unjustified hospital bills that they are required to pay. Sometimes when you get to the hospital, regardless of the pain you feel, as long as you do not pay the indecent fees that are required, no one looks at you. Here is an example of things that you should have free of charge, because every person should be entitled to basic health care. But you live the exact opposite. And suddenly, while you and your children suffer from nothing, these so-called benefactors are willing to vaccinate you for free to the point of using force and violence to do so. Where is your intelligence, Africans? Do we have to remind you that you lack all the basic necessities, including drinking water? It is with these things that your so-called benefactors should begin, if they were a little bit serious.

Let us give you another example. It is about one of the measures used by these criminals for whom Africans represent nothing to succeed in the imperialist coup d'État against President Gbagbo. As you all witnessed during the coup d'État of france in Ivory Coast in 2010, all european leaders by mutual agreement, without shame and without compunction, decided to enforce an embargo on drugs in Ivory Coast. These "great" men and women of this world that you blindly respect had shown you that they were merely vulgar murderers. And instead of seeing them as simple idiots, you consider them your leadership role models. This is pitiful! Wake up Africans.

These so-called great men and women of this world, therefore, who come to you as sermonizer of democracy, of human rights and even of animal rights, these bloodthirsty who know that some patients cannot afford to miss a single dose of their medication or else death will follow, had deprived for several months, more than 21 million people of drugs (including the elderly, children, infants, and pregnant women), while fully being aware of the consequences of their criminal decisions. Following this abominable decision, thousands of Ivorians who could not be treated, died. These thousands of dead were added to those that france and the United Nations had massacred with bombs.

And do you think that those people are the ones to be concerned about your well-being to the point of imposing on you good vaccines for free? If they were ready to massacre 21 million Africans in Ivory Coast just to seize the country and plunder the resources, do you think they have suddenly become so generous to the point of wanting to save you by force? Become reasonable Africans! Stop proving to be so naive.

Even before this evidence of the Black genocide was available, any bright African had already understood that AIDS was a tissue of lies. You only had to ask why it is only Africa which suffered from this "disease". Africans, it is high time you stood up and said no to this degree of madness, it is high time you put an end to this imposture. God did not create you to be used as guinea pigs by these agents of lucifer. Enough ...!

To think that these wicked people will ever regret their crimes, it just shows how little you know them. Demons never repent; agents of lucifer never regret their crimes, because that is their mission on earth. While waiting to massacre you all, these bloodthirsty also make business out of your suffering. Thanks to the drugs they impose on you ostensibly to cure you or to slow down your death, they also keep their pharmaceutical companies running. Seeing the richest continent on the planet become a simple experimental field for a gang of criminals, should revolt you.

These murderers used AIDS as a weapon of mass destruction against Blacks. After having deliberately infected millions of Africans with the AIDS virus through vaccines, they quickly thought of a solution that would allow them to also contaminate those who would escape the contamination by vaccine. And this solution was simple. It consisted of making a lot of publicity surrounding the risk of AIDS, and encouraging people to run to condoms. Once people had thought to find refuge in condoms, they made condoms soaked with the AIDS virus, intended for Africa.

Thus condoms that flooded the African market were contaminated condoms. That is why many people who thought they were yet protected because they never run the risk of having "unprotected" sex, finally found themselves with the AIDS virus, and did not understand why and how they had caught this virus. So be very careful! Before running to condoms believing to find protection in them, just know that you are fleeing one trap to fall into the other, which is equally as deadly as the one that you think to have fled.

And even the AZT, the famous AIDS drug, has been declared true poison by prescription for HIV Positive patients by the most well known Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of California, Dr Peter Duesberg, in 1993. He said that AZT does not cure AIDS, but instead causes it: this is called “AIDS by prescription.” The side effects of AZT are numerous. HIV Positive patients who are prescribed AZT “lose weight, they become anaemic, they lose their white blood cells, they have nausea, they lose their muscles … and they die. …" In addition, Duesberg stated in his book “Inventing the AIDS Virus” that he was approached by an official of the National Institutes of Health who made him an “offer” in exchange for recanting his position on AIDS.

Now, tell us what can lead an African who is in possession of all his senses, to believe that these same wicked people can love him to the point of wanting to do him good by force. If many parents in Africa who do not know how to read ignore this situation, it is certainly not the case of intellectuals and leaders of this unfortunate continent. But how can it be possible that this kind of imposture continue? The case of Africa remains an enigma. Every time we think about it, we have the impression of dreaming.

Europe unites under your eyes, because it has understood that unity is strength. At the same time, it forbids you to unite, and you obey. How awful! The poverty to which you are reduced was imposed on you by the same people who give you the impression that they love you. But every time you fall right into the same trap. How can you explain this? Poor Africans, when shall you wake up at last? When shall you finally come out of your deep sleep that comes within a hair's breadth of death? Is naivety negro? Unfortunately everything leads one to believe it! And with the kind of leaders that the continent is overflowed with, there is every reason to pity Africa.

May God bless you!


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